Gain Material Visibility

  • See what is on hand, on order, in
    transit, at dock, and at inspection
  • Match build plans with available
    inventory and receipts
  • Allow suppliers to view actual
    customer demand

Align Your Supply With True Demand

  • Resize inventory levels based on change in demand
  • Improve inventory turns across Finished Goods, Work In Process and Raw Materials
  • Increase customer Retention

Customer Testimonials

  • Improve Supply Chain Transparency

  • Ultriva software is Easy to Use

  • Reduced Inventory by
    20 percent in 30 days

  • Smooth Supplier Onboarding
    and Suppliers Embrace Change

  • Improve efficiency of
    Receiving with RFID

  • Visibility to Production and
    much better than Manual Kanban

  • Easy for Suppliers and
    JD Edwards Integration

  • Smooth Oracle Integration
    and Fantastic Experience

  • Streamline and Automate ERP Transactions

  • Shortened the
    Lead Time by 60 Percent

  • Standardize the Receiving Process

  • Emerson Case Study on
    Lean Supply Chain Collaboration

  • Enabled Multi-Functional Approach
    to Supply Chain Transformation

  • Supply Chain Visibility for
    Government Defense Contractor

  • Much Easier to
    Use Than ERP System

  • Easy to Use and Implement,
    Supply Chain Visibility

  • Cloud Based System Reduced
    Strain on IT

  • Commercial Vehicle Group
    (CVG) Video Case Study

  • Internal Kanban Eliminates
    daily Forecasting and MRP

  • Building Trust, Benefits
    of End-to-End Pull

  • Eliminate Inventory
    for Forecast Items

  • Improve Inventory Turns
    and Eliminate Stockouts

  • Prevent lost Kanban Cards

  • Responsive Support made
    for Smooth Deployment

  • Eliminate Manual Time Cards
    by Tracking Earned Hours

  • Improve Quality, Traceability,
    and Accountability

Build Supply Chain Trust

  • Common platform for customers
    and suppliers to collaborate
  • Reliable data and metrics
    provides a single version of the truth
  • Avoid whip lashing suppliers

Multiple Industry Verticals

  • Configurable to suit your business
  • Inventory reduction across all market segments
  • Customers in Aerospace and Defense, Automotive, Consumer, industrial, Medical Devices, Oil & gas companies

Collaborate Beyond Four Walls

  • Build a supply chain cloud for your
  • Extend your ERP to collaborate with
    suppliers and customers
  • Develop global business metrics and
    replicate best practice supply chain